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The Future of Energy Efficiency


GRUPPO ENERGIA Team is proud to present a cutting-edge energy-saving device designed to optimize energy usage in environments with loads of up to 20 kW.

Through meticulous research and development, we have engineered a product that achieves energy savings ranging from 5% to 10%, and an impressive 15% for environments identified as inefficient by the esteemed Polytechnic University of Turin.


Key Features


Proven Efficiency: the research conducted by the Polytechnic University of Turin confirms the effectiveness of our device, especially in environments with inefficiencies.

Seamless Integrationthe device is installed in series after the general meter and before the distribution panel, ensuring a hassle-free integration into your existing infrastructure.

Compact Design: The wall-mounted, compact design of our device ensures minimal space requirements, making it suitable for a variety of settings.

Low Maintenance: with no particular maintenance needs, our energy-saving device offers a hands-free solution, allowing you to focus on your core activities without worrying about upkeep.

Automatic By-pass: equipped with an automatic by-pass, the device ensures continuous power supply even during maintenance or unexpected events.


Why do I need Ener.SAVE20

Cost Savings: enjoy immediate cost savings on your energy bills, with a rapid return on investment.

Effortless Operation: the device operates seamlessly in the background, requiring no manual intervention once installed.

Environmental Impact: reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future by optimizing your energy consumption.

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